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Unwind during your afternoon/evening game drive with private Sundowner Drinks set up just for you. Enjoy your choice of local branded spirits, house wine, beer, and soft drinks, accompanied by homemade canapés, while watching the sunset over the African plains.

Game Drives

Our custom-built 4×4 safari vehicles are stationed at the camp and can be available to book for exclusive use during your stay with an experienced professional driver guide. Enjoy a thrilling game drive and see unique wildlife up close.

Cultural Visits

No visit to Samburu would be complete without experiencing the rich Samburu culture. Learn about their traditions & norms, and Join the women in their daily tasks, such as milking animals and preparing food.


Samburu, home to over 400 native bird species, is a birdwatcher’s paradise. Our experienced local bird guide will take you along the Ewaso Nyiro river forest line to observe the unique northern bird species, including the Somali bee-eater and Somali ostrich, amongst many others.

Bush Dinners

Indulge in the evening’s finest meal, served in a bush under the star-studded Samburu sky.

Nature Walks

Embark on a special journey through Samburu, filled with medicinal trees, herbs, birdwatching, and tracking experiences.

Spa Treatment

We offer in-room massages by our expert therapists, who will help you unwind and rejuvenate.


Post dinner, you will be led to a special location where our knowledgeable naturalist will teach you about the constellations adorning the breathtaking Samburu night sky.

In-House Meal Service

Daily Seasonal Breakfast

Start your day with a delicious breakfast in a scenic location of your choice, prepared just as you like by our chef and his team. Enjoy freshly squeezed juices, a full English breakfast, homemade muffins and bread, fresh fruit platters or breakfast parfait.

Coffee, Tea, Water and Assorted Beverages

Complimentary coffee, tea, water and assorted beverages are available throughout the day at our camp.

Lunch and Dinner

Our plated 3-course meals entice every palette. Our chefs always cook up delectable dishes.



Soroi Larsens Camps

Experience Luxury in the Wilderness

Soroi Larsens Camp offers an exquisite boutique luxury retreat nestled in the heart of the Samburu Game Reserve. The camp features ten opulent tents, two family units, and two deluxe luxury tented suites, each offering private terraces with exclusive river frontage. Each accommodation is designed to immerse you in the untouched beauty of Samburu, providing breathtaking vistas of the surrounding wilderness​.

Embrace Sustainable Travel

Soroi Larsens Camp stands as a beacon of sustainable luxury in the heart of Africa, where indulgence and eco-consciousness go hand in hand. Here, luxury is redefined through our commitment to environmental stewardship and community upliftment. The camp operates entirely on solar power, eliminating reliance on conventional energy sources and significantly reducing our carbon footprint. We take pride in our stringent policy against single-use plastics, further cementing our dedication to preserving the pristine natural environment that surrounds us.

In addition to our eco-friendly infrastructure, the camp has taken a significant step in sustainable practices by introducing Eco Water Bottles. These reusable bottles not only reduce plastic waste but also ensure that our guests stay hydrated in an environmentally responsible manner. Our staff, the heartbeat of Soroi Larsens Camp, comprises 95% local community members, showcasing our commitment to empowering local economies and fostering a deep, authentic connection between our guests and the rich cultural tapestry of the region.

Furthermore, a portion of all income generated at the camp is channeled into our NGO, Community & Wildlife Conservation  This initiative underscores our pledge to not just coexist with nature, but to actively participate in its preservation and the prosperity of the communities that call this land home. At Soroi Larsens Camp, your stay transcends the ordinary, offering a luxurious experience that harmoniously intertwines with our unwavering dedication to sustainability and community empowerment.


Unique Wildlife Encounters

Nestled in the captivating landscape of Samburu National Reserve, Soroi Larsens Camp offers an unparalleled wildlife experience. The reserve is renowned for its extraordinary biodiversity, including the 'Samburu Special 5' – a group of rare and endemic species that set this region apart from any other safari destination. These include the elegantly patterned Reticulated Giraffe, the strikingly unique Grevy’s Zebra, the long-necked Gerenuk Antelope, the regal Somali Ostrich, and the robust Beisa Oryx. Each of these species is not only a marvel of evolution but also a testament to the rich ecological tapestry of the Samburu ecosystem.

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